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Mike Edwards from DIY Doctor is very fond of the phrase ‘there is a tool for every job’ – those of you have seen him on the stage will be able to confirm this. Indeed there is Mike, and we are asking him not to overlook the humble wheelbarrow while he is reviewing tools this year.

As every good tradesman knows the tools they use can make the job easier or harder depending on the condition they are in. We prefer to make life easier for ourselves by having good quality tools in good condition.

See The Doctor’s opinion of this wheelbarrow. We understand that this is not the most exciting piece of equipment you will ever own but a good quality product like this will make moving heavy stuff around much easier than an old barrow with a wonky wheel.

See the full review here

There are many more product reviews here, and more will follow in the coming months. Please let us know if you have any tools you would like us to review by commenting below.

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