National Home Improvement Show

DIY Doctor is featured in the Highlights of The Show video on the front page of the National Home Improvement Show website. We have to agree, although we may be biased! Click on the image to go to their website to see what else is on.

We are really pleased with the number of people who have come to see us at Olympia for The National Home Improvement Show, which opened yesterday. We had record attendance for the Tricks of the Trade Theatre and we had lots of people stop by to talk to us and ask questions in between shows.

We are also selling Mike Edwards book – Master Basic DIY which is part of the Teach Yourself series. There have been record sales – but if you can’t get to the show you can buy it online. Sales have been aided by the free samples of DIY chocolates by CocoBella, who make beautiful handmade chocolates which can be produced in any shape, for special occasions and promotions. They have made lovely hand tools in milk, white and dark chocolate – they were a real hit with the crowds, and most people found they couldn’t wait to start on them!

tool-shaped chocolates


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