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Dulux have joined the coffee companies and decided to address their packaging in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic they need to sell their products.

To gauge consumer reaction it has decided to trial sales of their new paint pouch which, if it is adopted by the customers, should reduce landfill waste by 70%. The paint will only be available in the most popular colours – white and magnolia matt emulsions to begin with, and the go on sale this month.

Dulux marketing director Letty Edwards said: “We know that packaging is seen by the customer as one of the main environmental issues when purchasing paint.”

If the sales in this format are popular then DIY Doctor expects to see many more colours being available soon, followed by other manufacturers following suit.

As long as they are not supplied with one of the ‘easy opening’ strips like you get on ketchup sachets we think this is a good idea, and will even make carrying the paint home lighter.

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