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While DIY Doctor is broadly in favour of making planning regulations less bound up with red tape they have to agree with TrustMark who warn that consumers need more advice when planning building works – and the bigger the project the more guidance they may need.

TrustMark and DIY Doctor are both very keen to promote good, honest, reliable tradesmen and to try to eradicate the cowboy builder.

As the chairman of Trustmark, Liz Male, comments: “. . . through initiatives like this and the forthcoming Green Deal, the risk is that we leave too many people at the mercy of rogue traders and cowboy builders . . . If Government wishes to deregulate this sector, even for a short period, then it must also help by signposting people to reputable firms and good sources of advice.”

Trustmark is a government-endorsed agency which has over 21,000 licenced tradespeople on their website. To be eligible to be be listed every firm is inspected and checked by experienced inspectors.  DIY Doctor has chosen to work solely in conjunction with TrustMark to help homeowners find reputable tradespersons to carry out building works on their homes. They are the only online trades listing who ensure the firms are accredited. To find suitable tradespeople in your area visit DIY Doctor’s find a tradesman area.

Liz Male adds: “We would always advise anyone considering building an extension, conservatory, loft conversion or other major building work to use a contract with their tradesmen. The free TrustMark app is a particularly important tool that can help with that, prompting you to ask all the right questions.”

We have a free building contract on DIY Doctor which will help to clarify all the stages of your project and if used properly will improve communication between you and your builder, avoiding some of the pitfalls, and helping to resolve any possible disputes.

Go to our section on Home Improvement Protection Solution (HIPS) where you can download a free Desired Outcome Contract.

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