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Colour doesn’t exist. Colour is manufactured by our mind, using light, so what one person sees as red or blue is not necessarily the same as the next person as our perception of colour is created through past experience. We  all see the world differently and and yet ‘colour’ makes up a fundamental part of our physical world. We just tend to assume that we all see the same.

Then there are those people who are colour blind. Do you know if you are? If you would like to take a test to find out how well you see colour, just click through to a test by x-rite. It might be more tricky than you think!

So, when you are having an argument with your partner or family over what colour to paint the kitchen, it is interesting to think that we will all see it in our individual way anyway. If you’d like to read more about colour theory and interior design, you can find more information on our project page.


Colour Wheel

The Colour Wheel

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