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Installing double glazed windows can improve the overall appearance and energy efficacy of your property but you could still come across some problems with it. Continue and read on to find out what these issues are and how you can remedy them.

Adding double glazing as substitute for your current windows will offer you amazing benefits for your household aside from it being an ideal way to make your house look outstanding. New double glazing will straight away boost the electrical efficiency of your house and improve its worth. As with many things, double glazing also encounters deterioration throughout its lifetime.

We’ve detailed some of the most typical problems a lot of homeowners experience with their double glazed windows. Although many occur due to misuse and wrong installation, these could be prevented to save your investment in the long run. Listed below are 4 problems you have to be aware about:

1.    Condensed windows

Humidity, errors in assembly and non-working fittings are some of the causes of condensation in double glazing Be wary of fractures in your double glazing or fittings no longer working properly as this may cause condensation.

Significant humidity changes may cause windows to condense. In case your house is a lot hotter than the climate outside, it may cause water droplets to form. Adjust the humidity level by ensuring that moist air inside your home goes out.

2.    Broken handles and dysfunctional window locks

Broken handles in your double glazed windows can make it tough for you to properly operate your windows. With defective locks, you present yourself open from break-ins and burglary. The second you start to feel something different concerning the performance of your windows’ handles and locks, get them replaced instantly to help keep your home safe and protected.

3.    Cracked window panes

Cracked glass happen because of external factors. More often than not, they happen because of an external element applied to it. It may have been hit by a ball or by something else. Don’t preserve that cracked window pane for a long period because you are likely to experience more problems if you keep them. So be certain you have them replaced immediately to avoid condensation and safety problems from occuring.

4.    Jammed hinges

Are your window’s hinges jammed? Windows are simple home machines that still require up keeping. Have the hinges of your windows coated with lube regularly or on a routine to keep the windows functioning perfectly. You won’t have difficulty opening or shutting your windows at all.

A pleasant and safe home starts once your double glazed windows are in good order so make sure you are aware of the key areas to take care of. Addressing these four double glazing hitches are as simple as 1-2-3!

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