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As a house gets older, the décor of the building follows suit and the need to refresh your interior surroundings becomes quite pressing. This gets harder as you update each room, as most people cannot afford to do every room at once and at the end, there is always that one room you’ve been avoiding.

More and more people tend to go with modern angles when redecorating and look for something a little more contemporary. If that dreaded room in your house that you’ve left till last is somewhere like your bedroom, it can be tough to make the choices that will make it fit in with the rest of the house.


The best route to take with any room when decorating is to not deviate too much from the rest of the house’s style. Take account of the styling cues you’ve utilised in other rooms such as the living room and dining room.

Think about colour schemes and how you want the room to feel as well. It can be easy to go down the contemporary route and create a less than homely environment through a poor choice of colour. Like the living room, neutral tones should be used, coupled with a select use of colour and patterns via the likes of bed sheets, curtains and cushions.


The main idea behind having neutral colours on the walls is that your furniture should contrast to the décor of the room so that it sticks out and gives itself presence. The use of dark woods when choosing your furniture is a popular choice, as it draws the eye nicely just as furniture should and is a method that has the same purpose as having patterned curtains or a feature wall.

The style of furniture is a different matter, however, and furniture such as beds and chest of draws should be of a minimalistic style if you want to do contemporary properly; beds especially should be low to the ground and not have over-the-top head and footboards. Just ensure that all the woods match with each other.

There are several different ways to go about a modern bedroom, though, with the opportunity to use the likes of French furniture or mirrored furniture also there.


This is another opportunity to use contrasting colours in the room, with warm wooden flooring often the most popular choice for a modern bedroom. Wooden flooring shouldn’t be the same shade as your furniture, but also shouldn’t standoff too much on its own; instead make it blend in with the rest of the colours in the room.

For a more homely feel, carpet can be used and is usually utilised in a different manner to wood flooring and can be neutral like the walls.

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