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We have many project pages on our site, but sometimes you just need assurance or detail on your particular home improvement plans.
This is where our forum is an invaluable tool. Our posts are modified to ensure safe practices are adhered to, and to avoid the 3am ranters who want to put the world to rights after a session out on the town!

We are lucky to have contacts with many tradesmen around the country who are members, and who are willing to share their knowledge. Our own team are also very knowledgeable and can point you to the right resources on the site, or if appropriate they will answer your questions.

Anyone can view the contents of the forum, simply go to the DIY Doctor forum page.

We need you to register before you use our forum to make sure that the email address belongs to a human, and not a robot! This helps help us to ensure that fraudulent and malicious postings do not appear and is a measure to prevent spam.

Our forum is laid out in categories, and postings are in date order, this helps you to find what you are looking for and will help others with similar questions.

See below for an example – in this case a question about an Internal Block Wall.
DIY doctor forum for DIY answers

What you may not realise is that while we are moderating and responding to your queries we are also noticing trends in certain topics and if it is clear that there is a demand for more information we will write a more in depth article for our projects section. Click here to browse the DIY Doctor Project pages.

All these resources are free to our members and we appreciate your support so please spread the word by clicking on the social media buttons below.

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