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The ceiling is often the most neglected part of the room when we are finalising interior decoration. We will chew over the wall colors, furniture, curtains, or the carpets, but we seldom pay equal attention to the ceilings, in spite of the fact that the ceiling plays an important role in setting the overall mood of a room, especially the living room or lounge. Even worse, ceilings are often the dirtiest part of our rooms accumulating dust and cobwebs. In a bedroom, you will spend most of your time lying down, which means you will actually be looking more at the ceilings as compared to walls, so you must invest on decorating the ceilings and keeping them clean.

Hiring a professional interior designer to do the job is of course the best option, but not everyone has the budget to invest on professional designers. Good thing is … there are many ways to decorate your ceilings, which are inexpensive and easy to carry out given that you have done your home work. Let’s have a look at some of these ideas.


Painting is one of the most basic ways of sprucing up your walls or ceilings. By simply painting your ceiling with a slightly different color or shade that you’ve used on walls can give your room an impressive look. You can simply paint your ceilings with a color of your choice, or get more creative and try painting some textures or murals to take it to the next level.


Painting will require a lot of work and some expertise as well, and there’s very little margin of error. If you are looking for a much easier and simpler option, you can try using different types of lights to “lit up” your ceiling. There are many different types of fancy lights to choose from, including but not limited to spotlights, Chrome lights, flush lights, pendant lights, and many more. You can also use LED lights to create some cool effects on your ceiling.


Wall papers are not just meant for wrapping up gifts, there are many custom made wall papers and wall coverings that you can use to revamp your ceilings in a simple, yet efficient manner. The best part is that these wall papers are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and textures. The only downside is probably the removing part, but there are many products to deal with that.

Hanging Décor

One of the oldest ways of decorating the ceiling is to hang some fancy looking chandelier. They come in all sizes, lengths, and shapes and they can give a very elegant and sophisticated touch to your drawing room. But the pricey chandeliers are not the only option, a simple search online will fetch many ideas and inexpensive products that you can hang with the ceiling for decoration purposes, like tissue snowflakes, hanging stars, or spirals.


Fabrics are often used by event organizers to decorate wedding halls or birthday parties. But there’s no reason why you cannot use some fabrics to decorate or cover your ceilings (especially if they are high enough). However, make sure that you are using a fire resistant fabric and not overusing it. Ideally you should be using small strips of fabrics instead of covering the entire ceiling with a cloth.

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