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There is a lot of buzz around self sufficiency and renewable heat sources, so if you have gone in for the log burner or wood fueled boiler, you will need to get some logs in.

Of course you will have done this already – it has been very chilly in the evenings in many places for the last month or so, but you need to cut logs now ready for next year. Well seasoned logs are much more efficient at burning. Even if you don’t have an area that is covered, if you stack them in a sheltered spot (under the lea of a garage or shed for instance) they will benefit from being cut and seasoned before use next year.

If you are planning your own logging expedition you need to consider what tools you will need. We have been reviewing tools all summer, in our studios and out on site, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

We have tried to make our reviews as easy to follow as possible with a written round-up, a star-rating system and a video demonstration, but do leave comments on the page if you have any suggestions for how we could improve them.


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Chain Oil for Chainsaws review by DIY Doctor

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