Do you ever ‘Google’ yourself? Yes of course you do! People check themselves out on the web all the time.

When I put my own name in I find there are 115 people in the Uk with the same name, 15 of them on the professional social media site Linked In. Then I get on with what I am supposed to be doing.

Businesses also do the internet search to make sure they are properly represented and that they are in good placements within search engine ranking. We are no exception to this, and searching today brought up a video from a few years ago that was really popular when we produced it, so we thought we would dust it off and give it another airing.

In it the founder of DIY Doctor, Mike Edwards, is seen hanging a door. Instructional yes, but as it is also speeded up you wont need to spend too long working out how to do it.

If you decide to have a go you can then see the Hanging a Door Project which explains the process.

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