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With so many people being affected by flooding this year already, and sadly it seems the problem is going to get worse over time, we wanted to highlight some of the jobs that you can tackle yourselves, which may be particularly useful to anyone who cannot get insurance against flooding.

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Here I have highlighted some of the jobs that might be useful following flooding. The projects are designed to give easy to follow instructions and where available they are backed up with video tutorials on our You Tube channel.

How to replace a timber floor

How to clean and seal a stone floor

How to lay a hardwood floor

How to lay vinyl flooring

How to screed a floor

How to lay laminate flooring

How to cut and fix plasterboard

How to repair holes in plasterboard

How to batten a wall for plasterboard

How to skim plaster (topcoat plaster)

There are many more projects in our Projects section, either search using the search box at the top of the page, or find each one listed alphabetically in our A-Z. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for on our Projects pages then you can look on the forum, which is an excellent resource of questions answered by experienced amateurs and professional tradesmen. It is monitored by our team to ensure safety and good practice.


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