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Although step ladders are incredibly easy to use, many accidents occur because of people’s carelessness when painting their walls at home.

It may seem obvious, but you need to think about how to safely use them before actually starting a DIY project. There are some obvious safety rules that you should always keep in the back of your mind.

1. First choose a ladder suitable for interior painting. This requires a step ladder with a large spreader brace.

Pick one that is an appropriate shape for your specific room size. There are many different step ladders available on the market – ranging from 2 tread step ladders all the way to 12 tread step ladders – so choose carefully.

2. Open your step ladder out as far out possible before locking it in.

3. Grip the sides firmly as you climb, always keeping both hands there. Your body must, also, be in the centre of the ladder’s sides at all times.

4. Keep your weight evenly distributed – and never lean. If something needs reassessing at your side, simply climb down and reposition the step ladder appropriately.

5. Never sit on a ladder or stand in an unbalanced position – always stand.

6. Don’t use the top two rungs on your step ladders. The top platform should not be used.

You can be harmed both mentally and physically in falls from step ladders. It will also cause major upset to friends and family.

Avoid careless mistakes at all costs. DIY accidents can be easily avoided if these simple safety measures are followed.

English: Photo of a step ladder

English: Photo of a step ladder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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