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A new phenomenon is going on that is surely an indicator of how masculine and feminine roles are blurring.

The humble garden shed is being ‘feminised’.

We saw this fantastic picture on the Garden Resources Blog, and we were very interested to read that they are finding that what was once the male domain is now being claimed by women.

At DIY Doctor we have noticed that a large proportion of our users are women, which surprises some men when we tell them, but we are delighted to be a resource for both sexes. In fact back in 2000 when we started the site, one of our very first questions was from a women who couldn’t afford a plumber, but her immersion heater had stopped working. We explained how to change the immersion and she wrote back so pleased to have been able to get hot water. This allowed her to save money, but also it made her feel more independent and in control to be able to make her own repairs.

It has been one of the main objectives of DIY Doctor to give people the confidence they need to carry out Home Improvement tasks safely and effectively. We know what a sense of satisfaction it can bring to complete a job really well, stand back and say ‘I did that’.

When we started the site we could answer all your questions individually ourselves, but as the site grew we were able to write projects for many of the subjects because we noticed the same questions cropping up time and time again. Now we have hundreds of Project Pages from ‘acrylic cutting’ to ‘wrecking bar’, plus a forum in case you can’t find what you are looking for.

We just wanted to say thank you for using the site, whatever age or gender you are.

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