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shower curtain

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Shower curtains are easily one of the most neglected interior design elements in your house – and for a good reason. Hung up in a place where most people tend not to linger (or keep them drawn aside when they do), they’re unlikely to attract compliments from your guests.

Your shower curtains can however be a key design element and a great conversation starter – all it takes is a little simple stencilling! Here are the 4 steps to adding a stencil design to your current shower curtain…

1. Check for Mould

Remove the shower curtain from the shower rod (or its rings) and inspect it carefully for any signs of mould and mildew as you’ll need to get rid of them before you carry on decorating.

Wash the curtain in your washing machine (at a low temperature and gentle settings for plastic and vinyl curtains), adding ½ cup baking soda for the wash cycle and ½ cup vinegar for the rinse.

Hang it and leave to dry naturally. You can prevent the build-up of mould and mildew by wiping the curtains off after every use and spraying them with a water/vinegar mixture.

2. Choose Your Design

While the curtain is left drying, you can decide on the pattern. Once you’ve made your choice, make sure to size it right and print it onto regular paper. To make it sturdy, glue it to a sheet of card and use a sharp crafting knife to cut the pattern away and leave a stencil.

If you’re a new to stencilling, don’t opt for designs or motifs that are too complicated not only because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication but also to cut down on the numerous possibilities one may go wrong.

Start with something simple and mono-coloured and don’t be afraid to work some humour into it, too. Some bathers seem to have developed a weird passion for silhouettes of people holding a knife!

3. Prepare the Curtain

Once the curtain has dried, spread it out on a large and flat surface, smoothing out any wrinkles. Pick out waterproof fabric paints and choose a brush for your selected pattern – a smaller one will let you create more elaborate details while the larger brushes or even paint rollers are good for evenly covering large portions of the curtains.

4. Get Painting

Press the stencil firmly to fabric and tape down to avoid it slipping and ruining the design. Carefully work the paint into the curtain from one corner towards the other so that you don’t accidently rest your arm on wet paint as you go!

Once finished, let the curtains dry. Place a clean cloth over the design and run an iron over it to heat-set the paint, and your custom-designed curtain is ready!

If you’re looking to go even further customising your bathroom decor, why not play around with the shower rod, varying with the ring designs or even adding chains to your curtain. There are plenty of ideas out there to make your bathroom look like no other!

What innovative shower curtain designs have you seen lately?

Estelle Page is a blogger and mother as well who’s prepared to go great lengths to make this holiday season truly unforgettable for her family and guests alike.

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