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If you are a builder you can use Price Doctor to estimate your jobs, this can be done with the customer, so they can make choices on the finishes they want or you can do it when you get back to the office. It will really speed up your estimating times, and will deliver a professional looking quote in super quick time, avoiding hours of paperwork and expensive mistakes as you try to catch up with quotes at the end of a busy day.

The pro version can be programmed to take account of the discounts you receive from suppliers to ensure you accurate calculations.

It is very easy to use and it guides you through the process of your build using easy to follow pictures, and there is a massive blue help button on each page if you can’t work out how to answer.

For homeowners who are not sure whether to think about building an extension, or who have some quotes and just want to check if they are fair and accurate then try Price Doctor’s Extension Estimate Checker for free.

You can go on to pay for extra features such as a list of materials and a breakdown of labour costs. These are great features if you are going to project manage your own build.

There are lots of helpful tips on how to ensure that your build runs smoothly whether you are builder or homeowner, check out our Home Improver Protection Solution HIPS) page for more information.


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