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Today’s meeting between the UK and Irish Governments, to increase their commitment to renewable energy, could mean cheaper energy bills for all of us.

Edward Davey is the UK Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, he is meeting with the Irish Minister for Communications Energy & Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte, to formalise a commitment to working together to create economic benefits for both countries through trade in renewable energy.

The EU have agreed to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, this is ambitious considering 2050 is actually 37 years away.

By making a joint effort the two countries hope to create jobs in the sector and to increase green energy output to help comply with these targets to reduce harmful emissions.

Today will be the start of the process, where they look into the feasibility of working together, ready to sign a binding agreement some time next year.

As the two countries will be pooling their resources it is expected that this will save money on outlay when setting up energy schemes. These savings are intended to be passed down to the consumer by way of cheaper energy bills.

This is great news for consumers, let’s hope that we actually reap the benefits of any agreement – both in terms of green rewards and hard cash.

If you are interested in renewable energy, and energy saving methods, we have a whole section on green resources – click here to go to DIY Doctor’s Green Living section.

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