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The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is integrating all its information into the newly transformed website.

The website got a new look last year to streamline the presentation and to make it very simple to use and read.

While the result is perhaps a bit ‘boring’ in terms of design it is a very useful website that is now even more accessible, to even more people. You will be surprised how much you can learn on there if you have a look around.

Our interest today is in the DECC element – as you know we like to keep you abreast of news relating to climate change and green living.

So the key elements of the DECC part of the website are mainly things that affect us on a national basis and are all very important (but may feel removed from our daily lives) such as:

  • Maintain UK energy security,
  • Manage use/disposal of radioactive and nuclear substances and waste
  • Increase use of low carbon technologies
  • Use evidence to inform energy and climate change policies
  • Reduce demand for energy from industry
  • Reduce the United Kingdom’s Greenhouse Gas emissions (80% by 2050)
  • Provide regulation and licensing for energy industries and infrastructure
  • Take international action to mitigate climate change

As we said – perhaps not that much immediate interest to every home owner but an essential part of keeping us powered up in the UK, without breaking the planet.

So the bit that the DECC does that is likely to be of most immediate interest to you, our users, is:

Obviously this is going to be of interest to everyone who pays bills, and includes initiatives that we have mentioned before including:

  • Green Deal
  • Warm Home Discount scheme
  • Warm Front scheme
  • Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)
  • The smart meters programme

Find out more in the DIY Doctor Green Living section.

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