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Now, I’m sure most of us own a mobile phone, laptop or home computer of some sort, and chances are, we’d all be completely lost if they were all suddenly taken away from us. Am I right? Because, technology has quite simply, become second nature to us.

But, aside from being able to help us with the more mundane tasks of sending emails and answering calls, our technologies also hold the ability to help us with many other things in our lives, such as being able to help to find the latest deals from our favorite restaurants, book ourselves a weekend break away, and even, help us out with a little bit of DIY around the house. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How on earth can my laptop help me with improving my home”

Well, I’m here to show you exactly how. Because, if you’d love to become a DIY guru around the house in 2013, but haven’t got a clue how to actually do so, then all you need to do is grab your laptop and try out some of these ideas, and you could be well on your way to making some great home improvements for 2013:

1. Search For a Course Near You

If you want to learn a range of DIY skills that go way beyond basic household jobs, then the best way to learn is through a community or college course. Search for your local technical colleges on the Internet and you’re guaranteed to be able to the right course to suit you. Not only will these courses teach you all you need to know when it comes to DIY, but they’ll also help you to gain qualifications as you do so.

2. Online DIY Websites

Specialist online DIY websites are a great place to start if you want to learn the foundations of basic DIY skills, whether you want to learn for household repair purposes, or even, how to fix your car. Many websites will have a range of step-by-step guides, pictures guides, and even editorial features that are easy to follow, so that you can become a DIY expert in next to no time! You can follow these guides on your laptop while you work. Many websites also offer an email subscription service, whereby you can receive fantastic new DIY tips straight to your email every week, fortnight or every month – allowing you to learn new DIY tips and tricks all year round!

3. Video Tutorials

If you need something fixing in your home, just take a moment to search the Internet on your laptops for personal use before you decide to pick up the phone and call a professional. Why? Well, because you may just be able to fix the problem yourself with the help of video tutorial websites such as YouTube and eHow, that will show you exactly what to do.  Whether you want to install some new laminate flooring, or need to fix the electrical system in your car, simply use your laptop and type in what you’re looking for and there are a plethora of videos that will help you to get fixing straight away! You can take your laptop to the DIY job you need to do. You can then simply play, pause or rewind the video on the spot, to help and guide you through the steps easily, getting the job done much more quickly and effectively!

Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specializes in providing DIY advice for those looking to carry out home improvements.

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