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Price Doctor is a new online ‘webware’  that allows homeowners and builders to effectively calculate the price of building works, and order materials.  

Price Doctor has been designed by building professionals as well as software developers with you in mind. The system displays options at every stage, using pictures with captions. You don’t need building experience, you don’t have to downloaded anything, and you only need basic computer skills. If you are reading this blog you can work Price Doctor.

You work your way through a series of screens by clicking on the picture that matches the design and material you want. At the end the free package displays the total cost of the chosen extension. Upgrade to other other options from £10, to include access to materials breakdown ‘shopping’ lists and labour costings.

Price Doctor can be used for any extension project from self build and DIY, to project management, and by professional builders.

  • Homeowners: Check and compare builders’ quotes for your job.
  • Builders: Price your job using your own labour and material rates. Add the profit margins you need to cover overheads and profit.

We would like to hear from you if you have used Price Doctor, or would consider using it, or even if you tried to use it. Our aim is to provide the homeowner with as much information as possible so they can avoid cowboy builders, and ensure they are getting a fair price for their build.

We want to assist small builders in providing accurate and detailed breakdowns of costs. This allows them to quote accurately for their own business success. Price Doctor helps to ensure a transparent and respectful relationship between builders and their customers.

We would like your experiences of using the software and also what difference Price Doctor has made to your build plans.

For more information about Price Doctor follow the link

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