Would you be prepared to send us your DIY disasters?

So many people own smartphones these days that videos are becoming the easiest way of telling a story.

DIY Doctor is reacting to this trend by supplying more and more video versions of our How To guides and Product Review videos, to help you with your Home Improvement tasks and when making choices on which equipment to use for your building projects.

We used to get emails from you telling us what was going wrong, and we still get posts on our forum that highlight common problems, but we are looking for something a bit more graphic.

Now we would like your videos showing the challenges you meet when carrying out building, renovating or repairing jobs at home.

Send us your videos and we will advise you

If you have a project that is going horribly wrong, or you have started a project and found a job that you simply can’t tackle, please make a short video and send us a link. We will then use it to answer your questions.

You can tell us whether we can use it on the site, to share your problem with other users, which could help them if they find themselves in similar scrapes. If you say you want it kept private then we will, of course, respect your wishes.

How do I send videos?

Take your video on your phone or video camera and then upload it to your choice of video service.

Three good video sites that offer a free uploading and sharing system are

Drop Shots

You Tube


There are probably others available – use whichever you prefer.

If you like you can set your video as ‘private’ on any of these three sites, this means they are not available online, but they can be shared by invitation. Otherwise you might want them to be freely available – they might go ‘viral’ and make you famous!

We will view it and comment and, if you allow us to, we will publish it on the DIY Doctor website.

You have been framed?

Now those of you who have a more evil sense of humour may want to send in videos of your friend/spouse/workmate doing something stupid and funny, while carrying out building work and Home Improvement tasks. We would be lying if we said we don’t want these.

Who doesn’t want a laugh?

So if you spot some idiot tiptoeing on a bucket to reach the last bit of painting on a soffit and you just know they are going to fall off covering themselves in paint, or they are about to drive a digger into a foundation trench, or they are carrying too many bricks and are about to trip over the dog or step in a bucket of plaster, then by all means set the camera rolling.

Send in the results – name and shame the victim!

Email us your Video

Send your video link, your name and contact details to office@diydoctor.org.uk. Don’t forget to tell us whether you want to remain anonymous or not.

In the mean time you might want to watch DIY Doctor’s Mike Edwards on stage at the ideal home show, talking about DIY Disasters.

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