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Have you completed a grand design in the last two years, and would you like to gain recognition for it?

If so, you could enter your self build project into the Grand Designs Award 2013, for the chance to win this sought-after accolade, and then brag about it onstage to Kevin McCloud at the Grand Designs Show.

The Judges are Kevin McCloud (obviously), Lisa Allen – editor of Grand Designs Magazine, award-winning architect Phil Coffey, and Naomi Clever who is an interior designer and design consultant (you will have seen her on Channel 4 home design programes such as ‘Other people’s houses’, and ‘Honey, I ruined the House’).

The deadline for Grand Designs Award entries is the 7th March 2013 and it is an easy online registration process.

It is free, and is open to anyone who, within the last two years, has built or transformed a building; whether they are in the trade, or a related profession (such as an architect), or not.

The judging process is done anonymously to be completely fair and open – according to the Grand Designs website these are the criteria they will use to judge the award.

Entries will be judged anonymously using a points scoring system, and will consider the following criteria:

  • Function
  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Aesthetics
  • Sustainability
  • Attention to context
  • Cost

So if you have built or transformed something truly grand/amazing/eco/beautiful, then why not have a go? let us know if you go for it, we would love to see pictures of your entries.

If you win we would be proud to feature you and your build on DIY Doctor too, as we love to hear of people’s Home Improvement sucesses.

Click here to go to the Grand Design Awards application form.

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