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How do you decide which tools to buy when you are embarking on a Home Improvement project?

DIY Doctor was set up thirteen years ago after founder Mike Edwards spotted a need for DIY and Home Improvement customers to be given professional advice on how to complete basic building projects at home. This included advice on what tools and equipment to purchase, depending on the jobs they are doing.

In 2000 the internet was a relatively new resource, but it has now become the way that most people find out about, well, anything really. The term ‘Google it’ has entered our everyday language and most people are now happy to make online purchases, rather than buy in a shop.

Let us know what you need to know from us, to help you with your purchase

Are you one of those ‘early adopters’ who buys the latest gadget and has a tool for every job you ever completed? If so do you actively look to see what is new on the market or do you react to seeing an advert, television show or magazine write up?

Do you search for tools after making a decision to do a job? In which case are you likely to rush out and buy the first thing you can get your hands on that will do the job? The danger with this type of buying is that you might buy something that is not the best solution for the work you are doing. Would you be prepared to wait a day or two to get the product that will make the job easier for you by being ideally suited to what you are doing.

Perhaps you like to kit yourself out for many eventualities and then choose what to buy? Do you have some tools that multi-task for you, tools that you have had for a long time, and you consider the market very carefully before investing in something new? If so what would you find to be the most useful type of advice when you need to add to your collection?

Most of us like to get a good deal don’t we?

There are several ways to decide which tool to buy: You can set yourself a budget and then find out what you can get for the money; you can decide what features you need and then look for the best deal; or you can have a wishlist of features and look around for the best mix of features and price you can find.

How important to you is the knowledge of sales staff, whether that is in person or online. Would you be satisfied with online information and third party reviews, or would you want to have the opportunity to talk to someone about your choices before you purchase.

Do you like to see video reviews of the products you want to buy and if so do you prefer them to concentrate on one tool or to compare two or more tools?

Sometimes the best deal can mean spending more on a really good, professional grade tool, that will last for years rather than buying the cheapest tool, which may not last very long. Would you be more likely to buy a better grade of tool if you could see it ‘in the flesh’ or if it was recommended to you by someone you trust? Do you shop around in DIY stores but ultimately buy online after shopping around on price?

If you have a big job or project, are you more likely to hire a power tool or buy one? Would you consider buying reconditioned or secondhand tools?

DIY Doctor video reviews are available on our You Tube channel.

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