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Last summer you went out into the garden with your tool kit and DIY knowledge to build yourself a patio and BBQ area. The days were spent under the sun supplying friends and family with delicious food and enjoying the surroundings of the garden instead of the confines of the lounge. However, with the winter still with us, spending time outside seems a distant memory. Spring is the perfect time to restore your patio and BBQ area back to its former glory, and we’re here to show you just how easy it can be, so long as you have the right tools.


  • Remove any garden furniture that you may have outside during the winter months
  • Pull up any weeds that have grown and pick up any stones that might be lying around the patio – use a weed killer like Jeyes Fluid

Pressure Washing

Now that you have removed the weeds and stones from the patio you can begin pressure washing the surface. We would suggest that you wear safety goggles as the device can be extremely powerful and forceful. Ensure your pressure washer is fully powered by running it for a couple of seconds. Point the nozzle at a small area a couple of feet away from your body and test the pressure. Check the patch you’ve just cleaned and if all the debris has cleared, you know you have the right distance. This could take a couple of goes, but experiment with different distances to ensure you get the best clean. Carry on as usual, section by section and if the build up of water gets too much, have regular resting intervals. Allow for the patio to dry and you can start putting the finishing touches to it.


  • It’s best to do this sort of work on a dry day – check the weather forecast to determine what the best day would be
  • Have clear start and end points to ensure you don’t spread dirt across the patio where you’ve just pressure washed
  • Direct water from the pressure washer to any nearby drains

Cleaning the patio

We would recommend that you use Jeyes Fluid for most outdoor activities. It can disinfect and deodorise drains, can be used to clean bins and clear pathways.  A Jeyes Fluid 5 litre bottle should be all you need to disinfect a large patio and BBQ area, four litres covers approximately 90 square meters. This is a must-have product to store in the shed if you have a dog, as he is sure to have done his business on the patio. Using this product will destroy pathogens, making it a safe place for children to play without running the risk of becoming ill.

Jeyes Fluid is also known to kill weeds, algae and moss making it a good product to use when preparing the patio before pressure washing. In fact you could even use this while you pressure wash, depending on the device you have.

If you will be using it after pressure washing, scrub the patio down using an outdoor brush and Jeyes Fluid to kill any lingering bacteria and stubborn debris.

Restoring your patio and BBQ area couldn’t be easier, especially if you combine the cleaning powers of a pressure washer with Jeyes Fluid. Doing so can save you a lot of time and energy, and the results will be a lot more rewarding – after all you’ll have more time to enjoy the space and get the BBQ going.

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