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As we are getting towards the end of Climate Week we thought we should share some of our successes with you.

Use shopping bags not plastic bags

I called into my local supermarket for a small shop and used my fantastic stripey bag!

DIY Doctor employees have not picked up a single supermarket plastic bag, and while we know that this should always be the case, the very fact that we have managed to get everyone (even the men) to stop using plastic bags when they nip in to buy stuff, it means that our Great Green Climate Challenge has been a success this week.

Like any campaigns it is tempting to think that a small change in behaviour can’t make a big impact. However it is important to understand that a small change in action or attitude is effective because it is more sustainable.

As part of Climate Week we have partnered up with our green colleagues, Be Energy Smart and Green Reviews, to encourage all our users to take a small step towards a greener lifestyle.

Hopefully you have joined in with our challenge, but if you haven’t yet you still have time. There are loads of action pledges you can make which are simple enough to fit into anyone’s life, but added together they make a huge difference to our combined carbon output.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to join or to donate, because the donations are pledges of action not money.

Here are a few examples of what you can do from the DoNation site

‘Walk on’ walk to where you are going rather than using a vehicle – less petrol, better for you. Another great idea as the days get longer and lighter is to organise a ‘Walking Bus’ for school children. If you are feeling really energetic you can pledge to ‘Run in’, which is to run to where you are going – great  if you have the energy, and a shower at work!

‘Shower power’ spend a little less time in the shower, saves energy heating the water, you could also shower at a slightly cooler temperature. This has the added benefit of waking you up in the morning!

‘Lag your loft’ one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of saving power and money, is to put more insulation in your loft.

‘Lift share’ if you cant walk or cycle to work why not pool your car, this is much more efficient and splitting the petrol money between you will be a benefit all round.

‘Degrees cooler’ If you still need your heating on turn it down a degree or two, you are unlikely to notice the difference, except in your pocket. Wash clothes on 30 degree cycles too.

For more details on these and lots of other carbon reducing pledges you can make go to the DoNation website, and check out their challenges. If you want to get involved we would be really grateful if you would make a pledge to our Great Green Climate Challenge, and as an added incentive each time you donate a pledge your name is entered into a prize draw to win a Solar Powered Radio.

Go to the Great Green Climate Challenge page to see more information about how to give and how to win!

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