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You remember our beautiful DIY Christmas tree right?

Well this month’s Easter festivities have got our creatives designing again. This time it is hopping Easter bunnies, that you can easily make yourself. You only need basic diy skills and tools. You can use our easy template or if you have creative talents you can use your own designs, once you have mastered the basic ‘Hopping Bunny’.

Watch the video for a demonstration of the antics of our warren of Easter Bunnies, hopping around outside our Somerset office, and for instructions on how to make you own Easter Bunnies.

You can even buy the bunny template, (should you want to!) with full instructions on how to make them, by going to paypal and making a payment to

In case you missed our Magical DIY Doctor Christmas Tree video then why not head over to our You Tube channel. We do have sensible videos on there too, with lots of ‘how to’ and instructional videos, as well as product reviews.

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