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only boil the water you needHere’s a simple idea – only boil the water you need

It’s the brilliant pledge that our MD, Mike Edwards, has made for Climate Week. It is his contribution to the Great Green Climate Challenge which has been set by DIY Doctor, Be Energy Smart, and Green Reviews.

To make it easy he has stuck a piece of bright tape on his kettle and marked where 1 mug and 2 mugs of water come to, making it easy to only boil the water he needs! His pledge could save as much as 34 Kg of CO2 in a year!

What’s even better is, if you make a pledge for the Great Green Climate Challenge you will be entered into a draw to win a solar-powered DAB radio by Roberts. If you make two pledges you have two chances and so on…

For more details about the Tea Time Challenge click through to the DoNation site.

Do Nation is a great way of giving without costing you anything, but saving the earth. Here is a video showing you how.

So join us by going to the Great Green Climate challenge page on the DoNation website, and see what great ideas they have for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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