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The insurance website have just announced the results of as survey they commissioned in March into Britain’s DIY skills

DIY Doctor is very interested in their findings, and we think you will be too. For instance did you know that 10% of 18-35 year olds have called in a tradesman to change a lightbulb? The results also show that half the under 35’s questioned admitted that they need help with DIY tasks. 63% of under 35’s would not describe themselves as competent in DIY tasks as opposed to 81% of those over 50 years old. For more information on the survey please head over to their press release area to see the full report.

10% of britons don't know how to change a lightbulb

At DIY Doctor we have noticed that may of our users fall into the 40 plus age bracket, and so it is not news to us that many young people do not carry out the most basic of DIY and other household tasks. It is one of the reasons DIY Doctor was established: To pass on our tradesmen’s knowledge to the general public. The site is built to give advice to everyone from the most novice DIYer, to tradespeople, and expert Home Improvers.

So why have we lost these important skills?
In part this must be due to the lack of practical training in schools over the last 30 years. At one time children were taught basic wood and metal working skills, and also had lessons in cooking, sewing and even cleaning. While we acknowledge that the academic subjects are essential and empowering, it is also important that our young people are able to take care of themselves.

What is the solution?
Well perhaps You Tube will be the answer to this loss of skills. It is certainly the case that traditional craft skills such as knitting, crochet and patchwork have enjoyed a renaissance, now that those who have the skills are happily sharing their knowledge with those who don’t, across the world using free video sharing.

Like these craft skills, building tasks and DIY jobs are only perfected with practice, so the most important step in reviving our lost skills is to encourage the under 35 age group to have a go, and to give them the information and advice they need to do that.

Online videos are the next best thing to having your own individual teacher for building and DIY skills. Over the years our visitors have told us that they feel much more confident to try a new task if they have the right advice from an independent source. It stands to reason that if you can see how things are done, (and get some insight into why they are done that way) then you are much more confident to have a go.

We have been busy filming DIY tasks to keep up with this demand for instructional videos, the one below talks you through drilling holes and countersinking, but there are many more from novice to expert. Please visit our DIY Doctor You Tube Channel to see our existing tutorial videos. We continue to add new titles and we would be happy to hear your suggestions for more tutorial videos. Maybe our next one should be how to change a lightbulb.


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