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DIY Doctor was set up to help home improvers, self builders and DIY’ers by giving them the information they need to carry out projects, buy the correct materials for the job and buy or hire the correct tools.

These days it is packed full of information to help you do this and we are always pleased to hear that we are being used to good effect.

We even have a book, written by our MD which teaches not just ‘how to’ but why we do these tasks and projects the way we do. Find out more about the Teach Yourself book, Master Basic DIY

Below is an example of someone wanting to improve their customer experience for their employer – and we applaud him for his dedication to his job.

[address removed]

I was wondering if you’d be able to offer me some advice.

I work in the tool-hire department of a builders merchant and it has become apparent recently that my knowledge of tools and specific projects within the built environment is lacking. I was wondering whether there are any forms of media, as well as the Teach Yourself book which I have just purchased before composing this mail, I could pursue to develope my knowledge?

Kind Regards,

Steven [surname removed]

[we replied]

Hi Steven

Our website was set up by our MD Mike Edwards because of very similar experiences in DIY ‘sheds’ when he was a builder. He realised that training of employees was not always thorough enough to give great customer satisfaction, and so the idea for DIY Doctor was born.

DIY Doctor has been trading since 2000, consists of some 23,000 pages, and receives an average of 80,000 unique viewers per week, so there should be everything you need to know on the site, and if not please feel free to suggest ideas for content.

You will also find lots of useful ‘how to’ and tool review videos on our Your Tube channel , and we have a forum for any specific questions you may have

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

All the best
Philippa Edwards
Marketing Communications Manager

It is great to know that our site is being used in this way.

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