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Can you help us hit the Million?

We are getting so close to a million views on You Tube, and we would love to hit the big one by the end of the month, so we are encouraging all our users to go to our channel and browse through all the fantastic videos we have been uploading to entertain educate and review.

UPDATE – we did hit 1 Million views on 28th April 2013 – thanks to everyone involved!

Please visit our You Tube Channel to see the following 10 most popular videos, you can click on the video or the link at the bottom of this page.

Hanging a door in minutes 127,417 views
If you haven’t got time to hang around and you need to know how to hang a door then this video is ideal for anyone who is pressed for time.

Easter Bunnies – DIY Hopping Easter Bunnies 120,165 views
Just a bit of fun really but this shows you what you can get done with a free afternoon and some spare timber!

Karcher K2 300 Pressure Washer Product Review 57,214 views
This looks at the pros and cons of this pressure washer, we also have lots of other product reviews and instructional videos on the channel.

DIY Christmas Tree from DIY Doctor 53,335 views
More fun, more spare timber (and other bits and bobs).

Mixing Cement and Concrete with a Cement Mixer 48,297 views
Just as the title describes really this goes through the process of Mixing cement and Concrete.

This is one of the most common projects our users tell us they need help with, which is why we did the video. We are always pleased to get your suggestions on what we should film next.

How to Lay a Path 32,253 views
This is a weekend project that is very popular, and we also have a project page on the main website with lots of useful information including tips and tricks when laying a path.

Mag, Mig and Arc Welding How To Tips and Information 30,831 views
This needs a bit of specialist equipment but can be easily mastered with a bit of patience. Safety is paramount here so do follow the safety advice.

Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer Product Review 26,016 views
Another one in the ever popular product review range, if you have suggestions for what products you want to see reviewed please leave a comment here on our blog.

Hard Water Solutions from Eddy Water Descalers 23,808 views
Hard water affects about two thirds of the population, and this details an easy system to soften your water.

How to Use a Laser Level 22,960 views
We have lots of ‘How To’ videos on our You Tube channel some of the for specific tools and some for DIY and Home improvement jobs, why not start with this one and see what else we have that might interest you?

Please visit our You Tube Channel to check out all our video offerings

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