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Shutters are a lovely way to dress your window, but contrary to popular belief, they are relatively easy to fit. So whether you fancy a dark wood European style or a white Caribbean look, then don’t hesitate to get started. Most shutters come with a frame and the shutters themselves, so you are able to choose where they are positioned.

First you should divide your window into thirds vertically and measure along each of those points. Record whichever measurement is the smallest. Do the same horizontally, remembering to record the smallest measurement. This is to make sure that the frame fits within the window. Any gaps can be filled in with decorator’s caulk. Use these measurements to order your shutters.

If you wish to have a divider rail or a split in your shutters, then make sure that you measure to the right location.

If your shutters are to be placed externally rather than in the interior, then the measurement procedure is the same, but should be between the window surrounds.

If you have opted to save money and do the fitting yourself, then when you receive your shutters, you should make sure that everything that should be included in the package is. Usually included are the pieces of frame, the shutters and the appropriate hardware. You should also read the instructions fully before you start.

The Frame
If the frame is not already constructed, then you should lay out the frame as how it should look when assembled. They may be labelled, but you should be able to figure out which piece goes where if you compare it to the window. If you’ve opted for a cafe style frame, it is common to have three pieces in the frame instead of four.

Fit the frame temporarily and mark where you are to drill holes. If you have measured it well, then the frame should hold. If the holes in the frame are big enough, you’ll be able to drill with the frame still in place and secure the frame as you go. Making sure that the frame is square and level with a spirit level or plumb bob at every step will prevent problems later on too.

The Shutters
The hinges can be the hardest part of fitting shutters and ideally would require another person. Some shutter panels and frames will have the appropriate part of the hinge already attached and all you have to do is to drop the hinge pin in and secure the hinge. Others you may have to line them up and attach them yourselves. It may be a long process of small adjustments before you get it exactly right, however, when your shutter panels hang right it will all be worth it.

Finishing Touches
Decorators’ caulk is not only good for filling in any gaps that there might be between the wall and the frame, but also covers up screw holes and screw heads.

If you’ve realised that fitting a shutter may not be that difficult after all, then check out Niche Blinds who offer a wide range of blinds, awnings and curtains as well as shutters.

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