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We have been working with a London Estate Agent to bring to you information on the property market, including projects on what you should know if you are a tenant in a property

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At DIY Doctor we are aware that many of our readers are tenants. If you are in a rented property you should be careful to only undertake DIY with the full agreement of your landlord. It is always best to get an agreement to make any alterations or improvements to your rented house (or garden) in writing, even if this just means confirming what you agreed via an email. This can help to avoid any misunderstandings or repercussions later.

When a tenant is in a house for a long time the boundaries can become a little blurred as to who’s job is whose. If a tenant is happy doing some DIY then they could easily overstep the mark as far as the landlord is concerned. This can be something the tenants do with the best of intentions, but one person may perceive it as improvement and the other may not!

At the start of the tenancy there should be a written and photo inventory of the property (some agents also use videos for inventories). Therefore if you make any changes, it is as well to note the works on the inventory and take some accompanying photographs. Send a copy of both the amended inventory and photos to the landlord.

If you are about to become a tenant why not head over to our Renting a Property Project, written to help you avoid any pitfalls as a new tenant.

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