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Spring Bank Holiday 2012 Was Hot…But

However we remember Spring Bank Holidays when it was not. It has probably escaped most people’s memory but at DIY Doctor, because we were working, we remember the Spring Bank Holiday of 1984 very well indeed.

It was the coldest, nastiest, wettest Bank Holiday recorded in the last 40 years. Apparently in Hertfordshire it rained for 66 of the 72 hours of the 3-day weekend. Temperatures stayed below 10 degrees c and only the very brave (and stupid) ventured outdoors.

Never Suffer a Cold Bank Holiday Again

DIY Doctor never wants to live through a weekend like that again so we started our plans for DIY sunshine and thirty years later they are complete. Here is the video to prove it! (Click to play.)

Never be caught out on a cold day again. Follow these simple instructions to make your own DIY sunshine and you will be forever tanned and happy.

Don’t forget the sunscreen though!

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