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Step out into the light, the sun is shining and it is time to do something about the garden path. If your path is less than inviting, but Landscaping scares you, find out how to remove your old concrete path and lay a new one with our series of YouTube videos, to break down the process into manageable sections.

We have a series of ‘How To’ Videos on YouTube that work through the process from concreting fence posts to using a sledgehammer safely, to break up the old garden path ready to start your new landscaping project. Follow Mike’s instructions to stop you hurting your back when you are using a sledgehammer. (Although you will notice he is not the one doing the lifting – which might be the best way to protect your back when lifting something heavy!)

One really good tip from the video ‘How to Lay a Path’ is that if you lay slabs onto weed control fabric once you have laid the foundations for you path, then you will eliminate most weeds.

Paving and weed control fabric make your garden low maintenance. Any weeds that do manage to germinate will be shallow rooted and undernourished and so will be really easy to pull out.

The video series also shows you how to erect a post and rail fence, and we also have some ideas for how to cut the paving slabs to make an unusual pattern on your path.

Head over to our YouTube channel to see all our videos and subscribe to be sure not to miss the next selection of building process.

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