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DIY Doctor tool and product reviews

Mike Edwards from DIY Doctor reviews the Karcher WD 3500P Vacuum Cleaner

Tool reviews are a great way for consumers to get to know what a product does, how it works, or how good it is before they buy.

To take the guesswork out of buying tools online we are running through a number of DIY tools and Home Improvement products to see how they work, and how well they perform.

We then load all this information onto our review section, and put the video onto our DIY Doctor’s Video Channel on YouTube. Click through to see all our videos. You can also subscribe to our channel there.

Reviews by DIY Doctor – Karcher WD 3500P Vacuum cleaner

In this Video Mike is trying out something that is totally foreign to him – a Vacuum cleaner! But seriously though a vacuum is an essential bit of kit for the workshop – and this one even lets you plug in the extractor for your power tools to help cut down on sawdust.

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