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wine spilled on a stained carpet

Friends spill their drinks on our carpets and then hide the evidence

Is it just me or are people who answer surveys too honest for their own good?

With the shocking results of a new survey carried out by BISSELL released this week, claiming that Britons are not as clean as they would like to be when it comes to doing the housework, I have to wonder at the reason people are prepared to be so frank when discussing their lack of skills.

A third of the 2,000 people surveyed admitted they would be ashamed to tell family and friends how little cleaning they do (although not too ashamed to tell a total stranger with a clip board – obviously!)

11% said they only clean when they have visitors coming and a whopping two thirds admitted that they have moved furniture to hide stains on their carpets. This could make for an awkward dinner party if the sofa ends up in the middle of the room.

22% blame visitors for making a mess, and in fact they could be right as as a third also admitted to spilling a drink at a friends house and not telling them, (and some people even resorted to hiding the evidence!) A similar number also confessed to walking mud into a friends house and then playing ignorant.

These same drink spills make up the majority of stains on household carpets, but what astonishes me is that 19% of people confess to having pet urine stains on their carpets – these are just the people who confessed, and let’s be honest who would admit that?

So in conclusion we are a nation of slobs who hide our mistakes, lie to our friends and allow our pets to wee on the floor.

Hopefully the statistics will also prove that 98% of people who are asked to fill in surveys decline the offer, and the other 2% are similarly dishonest about their cleaning habits.

OK rant over – if you have had some grubby friends over and you need to clean up after them, or if you are about to have friends over and need to clean up before they arrive you can check out our quick carpet cleaning guide on the main site.

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