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DIY Doctor Bargain Bucket Decorating tools

DIY Doctor bargain buckets are available from our new tool section click to find out more

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools

We have all heard the old adage “A Bad Workman Blames His Tools” – The saying means that a bad workman will buy cheap shoddy tools, which are incapable of giving a good finish, where a good workman would invest a little bit more to get a better quality tool, to give a better quality job.

At DIY Doctor we recognise that money is tight, which is why we have been searching for a solution which allows you to buy tools that a good workman would be pleased to own, at a price that you can afford.

With our DIY Doctor Bargain Buckets we think we have cracked it – each bucket has the main tools you need for each job and the price is a very reasonable £45 + P&P.

Choose from our:

Decorating Bargain Bucket (which we have featured here)

Tiling Bargain Bucket

and our

Plasterering Bargain Bucket

There will be more sets on offer from DIY Doctor soon!

Decorating Bargain Bucket Tools Set – What’s in the Bucket?

  • 10 x good quality paint brushes from 25mm to 100mm
  • 1 x contractors skeleton gun
  • 1 x tube of decorators caulk or “flexible filler”
  • 1 x hobby knife with retractable blade
  • 1 x contractors dust sheet 12 feet x 8 feet or 3.6m x 2.4m
  • 1 x 50m roll of contractors quality masking tape
  • 1 x strong Stripping Knife – 50mm wide
  • 1 x strong Stripping Knife – 100mm wide
  • 1 x sanding block with fine and medium faces
  • 1 x pair of latex gloves for paint protection
  • 1 x decorators roller tray
  • 1 x decorators paint roller
  • 2 x decorators roller sleeves
  • 1 x 28 litre flexible bucket

See The Video for a Full Explanation

Mike Edwards talks you through the tools in this handy Video, just click to make him speak.

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