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terraced bird house. Nest box for garden birds

Terraced bird house offering shelter for different species of garden birds

It seems that humans and birds like the same type of gardens. According to an article By Ken Thompson in the Telegraph, birds (and people) like a selection of species of all sizes, from creeping and trailing species, through to shrubs and even mature trees, as long as they are well spaced and allow light and space for the other plant species to grow.

The article was commenting on research carried out in Texas on the correlation between bird species and house prices. The researchers were looking for a pattern in the price that buyers were willing to pay for a house, where all factors were equal except for the number and rarity of bird varieties in the gardens.

The research showed that birds preferred gardens with the widest variety of different sized plants and trees, and that gardens that had these features tended to also encourage rare bird species.

In Texas at least, finding a rare bird variety in the garden can increase the price of a house by the equivalent of £21,000.

We can’t promise that the same effect on the Housing Market works in the UK, but if you want to create a perfect garden for birds to simply enjoy seeing them in your own garden, then we explore what you can do to attract the birds, in our Gardening Section.

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