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Zed level for perfect level floors - Floor leveling tool the z level

Z level helps you get Perfect Level Floors

Sometimes the simple answer to a problem is the best one.

If you are carrying out home improvement tasks such as tiling a floor or fitting laminate flooring it is so much easier to do if you start with a flat and even surface.

These small fittings pictured above are the key to getting perfectly level floors, called the Z Level (that’s Zed not Zee) they are available from ZLevel, a British Supplier who sells them online and one pack will help you to get the whole floor of a room in any modern house nice and flat.

If you are a DIYer who is laying a concrete floor getting the surface properly flat and level can be a bit of a challenge, it is unlikely you will get a good job if you rely on doing  it by eye, and working with large expanses of concrete can be daunting if you haven’t done it before.

By working out the levels before you even touch the concrete you can take as long as you like to be sure you will get the perfect finish without feeling under pressure.

Using a Zlevel to Level a Concrete Floor

If the floor is more than 5mm out of level, you cannot use self-leveling compound. Zlevel is suitable for leveling floor screeds and compound between 20mm and 5mm thick

You can see how these Zlevel fittings are used in our Leveling Concrete Floors Project which explains how to to fix your uneven concrete floor and level floors using floor leveling compound.

There is also a Tutorial Video to help you with leveling a floor.

If you need help laying a laminate floor we have a great project on how to do that too!

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