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Giant hovering tap in Tithe Barn Bradford on Avon

Cut Down On Water Use in Your Home to Save Money

Water-poor countries like Australia recommend a 3-4 minute shower, and down-under if your household uses too much water, you start to pay financial penalties.

While we are not in that position in the UK, our population density means that fresh water supplies can be stretched sometimes, and it makes sense to regulate our use.

So whether you are interested in decreasing your carbon footprint, your energy bills, or both, we look at ways you can save water, and debunk some rubbish advice.

Do Tap Aerators Work?

These work by introducing air to the water, which actually has the effect of making the water ‘wetter’. The flow of water feels as strong while you are using the tap, but the actual flow is considerably reduced. This works where you are using running water, such as hand washing. Obviously if you are filling a bowl or basin it makes no difference.

Shower Aerators Are Not So Great

Works in the same way as the tap aerators and as, by definition, you are standing under running water when you are using a shower, these do work if you have a strong enough water pressure. However if you have low water pressure the flow rate can lead to a disappointing shower, and they are also bit noisy to shower under – which in turn might mean you have shorter showers, which is a cost-effective way of cutting down on water usage.

Shorter Showers Save Water

By spending less time in the shower you can save water, save money and save, well erm time! We like these Showerbob timers, which are just like old fashioned egg timers with a choice of blue or pink sand. There are also some cute duck and turtle ones available – but as these little gadgets don’t need batteries they seem to fit in with the eco message better.

Traditional Sand Shower Timer from ShowerBob

Neat Traditional Shower Timer from ShowerBob comes in Blue or Pink – Found at

Bags, Bricks and Gels In Your Toilet Cistern Do More Harm Than Good

These don’t work. Well of course you use less water but the cisterns that have a large flush capacity need it to work effectively. Modern toilet cisterns are available that offer a dual flush system. They are designed to work with less water and they work efficiently. Bunging up an old system with something to force it to use less water can cause damage to the mechanism, and less efficient flushing which means you flush more often. You are better off fitting a new system.

Sensor Based Leak Detection Systems Can Save Your Bacon

This is a great investment for owners of flats where a leak from a washing machine or water tank can cause untold damage to various properties. It can also be used for houses if you are worried about having water devices on the first or second floor.

Water Leak Setection System by FloodStoppa

This Water Leak Detection System by Flood-Stoppa Will Turn Off the Water Supply if it Detects a Leak – Found at

Turning Off The Tap – The Easiest Way to Save Water and Save Money

A bit obvious? Well lots of people wash up or clean their teeth with the tap running. There is no need to do this. Turn off the tap while you are actually brushing and you could save 2-3,000 litres of water a year!

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