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Gardening reduces the rist of stroke and heart attack

Gardening is Good For You Image Courtesy of NHS Choices

Just as we always suspected DIY and Gardening are good for your health. It is not just the physical activity that seems to be the beneficial factor, but just being ‘active’ in the sense of using the mind and body together to achieve something fulfilling.

Of course we are being a bit facetious with the title of this blog but the study is relevant and serious, and the findings are interesting .

This study found that in a population-based sample of older adults (aged 60), high levels of non-exercise physical activity, or ‘an active daily life’ was associated with better levels of cardiovascular risk factors.

The crux of the argument seems to be that sitting down and being inactive is not good for our bodies. Humans are designed to be doing things, learning things and making things, so when we sit and spend passive time (such as watching the television) then it lowers our metabolism and affects the efficiency of our bodies.

Reduce Heart Conditions by 30% with Gentle Activity

The study, which was carried out in Sweden, involved 60-year-olds who took part in non-excercise physical activity (NEPA) as part of their daily routine. These activities included home maintenance, diy, gardening, and gathering mushrooms and berries. Remember this study was carried out in Sweden!

The great news is that partaking of these light activities reduced the risks of Angina, heart attack and stoke by nearly 30%. See the full article on the BBC News website and click the image at the top of the page for the NHS report on the study.

So get to it, pick a job you have been meaning to tackle and get to it! We have loads of Home Improvement information in our Projects section, and if you get stuck and need specific DIY answers you can visit our DIY Forum.

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