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Designer Spiral Glass and Wooden Spiral Staircase

Stylish Glass Spiral Staircase Image Courtesy of

Spiral Staircases can transform a room by opening up space and providing a design point in a room. They are even available in outdoor designs which can look very effective used when convertingroom over a garage into a bedroom or study, or for providing fire escape access when converting a building into flats. We have even seen them effectively used to provide access from street level to a basement while freeing up space in a sub ground area to make a courtyard garden more capacious.

Spiral Staircases are suitable for any style of home, but they are particularly useful where space is at a premium. We have seen them used to great effect in loft style apartments where there is a mezzanine floor, or where the staircase leads up to the bedroom straight from the living room, taking away valuable space in the reception room, and for loft conversions where landing space is limited.

They are available in wood, metal, or glass depending on what you feel fits in best with the style of your home. Modern designs often incorporate a variety of materials. Wood offers a warm and timeless design; metal can vary from factory chic to polished Modern or even Art Nouveu styles; glass models create an even more space-saving feel and can be either, light and ephemeral or, mixed with other materials, can be solid and industrial.

Metal Spiral Staircases

Metal Spiral Staircases are available to suit all budgets image courtesy of

You can choose between different types of steps, or landing styles as they are known in the industry. These can be Circular, Triangular, Trapezoidal or Quarter. See below for an illustration of the different styles. There are also many different designs of handrails which will also affect how the staircase looks in your home.

Different Styles of Spiral Staircase

There are Different Styles of Spiral Staircase

Fitting a spiral staircase

Building Regulations relating to spiral stairs are quite complex, because of course the stairs need to be safe to use and safely installed. So if you are planning to fit a spiral staircase you should check with the supplier about the specifications of the model you want and then check with your building inspector to make sure it will comply with building regulations.

If the staircase leads just to just one other room, or to sanitary accommodation, such as from a bedroom to an ensuite, the clear tread should be 600mm with a minimum clear tread width of 600mm.

Where the staircase leads to more than one room flights, the clear tread should be 900mm, and no gap greater than 100mm is allowed.

Also note that a maximum of sixteen risers is allowed in any one flight, so you will need a landing if this is not sufficiently high to get you where you want to go.

Spiral Staircases in wood

Wooden Spiral Staircases can be Traditional or Modern Image courtesy of

Spacesaver Staircases

An alternative to spiral staircases are Spacesaver staircases which are available in a range of designs. Click on the image below to see this range of stylish stairs from

See this range of

See the full range of space saving staircases from estairs

Thank you to for the pictures in this post, we met them at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show this year and were very impressed with the designs of their staircases. Click on the top picture to visit their site.

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