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Gas Boiler

Get a New Gas Boiler if you Qualify for an ECO Grant

If you are on benefits in a low income household and your boiler is broken or failing you may qualify for a free replacement boiler.

This is part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which makes the energy suppliers responsible for making sure people in the most vulnerable households can still afford to heat their homes.

Grants are free, and there is nothing to pay back. They cover the cost of installing a boiler as well as the boiler itself.

Qualifying for ECO

To qualify for a grant your boiler it must be over 10 years old, and you must be in receipt of the following qualifying benefits:

  • Receiving state pension credit
  • Receiving income related benefits, with a child and an income of less than £15,860
  • Receiving working tax credits with an income of less than £15,860

You don’t even have to be a homeowner to qualify – if you live in privately rented accommodation or you are living with relatives you may still qualify.

Find out more on the ECO pages of BeEnergySmart.

If you qualify for help with replacing your boiler you could also qualify for extra insulation for your home, also free of charge.

This will cut your energy bills even further, so it is worth asking about this even if you don’t need a new boiler.

ECO and Rogue Traders

A word of warning about these ECO grants; sadly despite the  Government’s good intentions, each time they announce a new Home Improvement initiative it does lead to a wave of rogue tradesmen and cowboy builders jumping on the bandwaggon. Even though this grant is free you still have to sure it is carried out by a competent person so it is safe.

Don’t let this put you off getting financial help if you need it. Find your own supplier though rather than answering a knock on the door from an unsolicited tradesman. We recommend you never buy goods or services from a door-to-door salesman.

If you think you might qualify for ECO get in touch with your local council or visit our Find a Tradesman Section to get free quotes from qualified and registered tradesmen.

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