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As Winter has hit us with great gusto, higher energy bills have become a concern. Constant use of central heating can cause power bills to double or even triple. German electric radiators and panel heaters can offer a viable solution to families and individuals who want to stay warm enough without blowing their budgets on energy costs. Smaller, portable heaters offer some advantages in a number of areas. 

Compact Electric Radiator in a Bay Window

Compact Electric Radiator

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Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are designed for smaller spaces. They heat up very quickly, and distribute heat evenly over their entire surface. There is typically no exposed portion of the electric heater that reaches temperatures high enough to burn a child’s or adult’s skin, or catch combustible materials on fire. This makes it a safe heating option, particularly for families with small children and pets. German electric radiators are relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to set up. All that is required for installation is a plug socket for inserting the plug. They are clean, quiet and ideal for providing extra heat in a child’s bedroom, home office or sitting room without having to raise the temperature of the entire house.

Oil or Gas Radiators

German electric radiators come in oil and gas versions too. The oil-filled radiators take longer to heat up, but they remain warm for a while after they are turned off. They work by circulating the oil through the radiator, and the oil never has to be replaced. Also, they are very easy to move from room to room in a home or office. Portable German heaters that burn gas, on the other hand, do require replacement of the gas from time to time. The fumes from the burning of the gas can aggravate people who suffer from allergies; therefore, the gas radiators also require some form of ventilation in the room where they are being used.

Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are another excellent choice among German electric radiators, and you can find out more information and prices on the website. They offer the same benefits as other German heaters, including cost savings on energy, safety around children and pets, and ease of installation, and they have some additional advantages too. They are completely non-flammable, and contain no liquids that could potentially leak. They come in a wide range of designs, and can be mounted on a wall. Panel heaters can be painted to match the décor of a room. They even come in special designs that look like pieces of art that can be hung on a wall, or sculptures that can be placed on a table or in the corner of a room.

Electric Panel Heater

Electric Panel Heating

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Why heat up the entire house when you can save money by providing extra heat to the specific rooms you use at any given time? For example, German electric radiators provide the ideal solution for people who have home offices, but do not use the rest of their houses all day. The small portable heater can keep the office extra warm, while the central heating thermostat is left on a lower setting to conserve energy and save money.

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