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Brick Barbecue for Your Garden

If you have been checking out our new projects and are inspired by the idea of building a brick barbecue in your garden you might want to check out some ideas for how it could look.

You will of course need to buy some accessories such as a grill and a charcoal tray, you can find lots of examples on the web including designs like this one we found on ebay, in stainless steel which won’t rust in the UK climate!

Stainless Steel Style

BBQ grill fitting

BBQ grill fittings for brick BBQ’s are readily available online

Serious Outdoor Cooking

If you are a more adventurous type of cook you might want to add in a more swanky style of barbecue such as this one below which we found on Pinterest. Although you might want to think about some form of cover for the winter/UK summer storms!

Permananet Brick Built Barbecue

Permanent Barbecue Structure

Charcoal Oven and Grill

Or you could add in a charcoal oven to the design – which could be added by simply slotting onto the brick grill holders as described in our building a brick barbecue project. The beauty of this is it can be easily removed and stored away in bad weather.

Barbecue Grill and Oven

BBQ Grill and Oven from

Outdoor Storage and More

You might want to add in some storage to your outdoor cooking area – you can get drawers and cupboards, bar fittings and even fridges to complement your built in barbecue.

Outdoor cooking area

Add Storage and Accessories to Suit your Cooking Style – Image from

We like this option of storage with a gas burner that we found on, so you can heat beans or prepare Moules Marinere (depending on your outdoor kitchen prowess).

Barbeque Storage Unit and Gas Burner Unit

Beefeater Storage Unit and Gas Burner Unit from

Totally Different Look

If you are smitten with the ‘Big Green Egg’ outdoor cooker then we can think of no better example of a permanent home than this stylish framework we spotted on

Contemporary Patio by Austin Architects & Building Designers Austin outdoor design

If you haven’t heard about the amazing properties of the Big Green Egg you can read more on their website.

Add Shelter and a Chimney

If you have more advanced bricklaying skills then you could go in for more complex designs for your built-in barbeque. You could modify this design that we spotted on Pinterest to have more shelter for the cook, so that they can avoid sunburn or showers!

Built in Brick Barbecue with Roof and Chimney

Built in Brick Barbecue with Roof and Chimney to Protect the Chef

Barbeque Accessories

and for that personal touch you might want to treat the chef to this personal branding iron which we spotted on

Steak branding iron

Steak branding iron

You might be interested in our related DIY Projects Laying Bricks and Blocks and if you want the painted finishes above check out our project on Rendering an Exterior Wall.

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