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Grime Go Removes Mould Grime and Stains

Grime Go is a heavy duty cleaner with a kind heart. It is Produced by Eco Solutions who make solvent-free cleaning and stripping products that are ecologically friendly. We like them because they are produced in the UK, they are safe and easy to use, and they really do work.

Eco Solutions products include eco-friendly Artex remover (see our project on Artex removal), and graffiti remover as well as paint and varnish stripper, and a neat product for restoring paint brushes that have become stiffened with dried paint called Brush Renew which we also have a video guide for.

Their latest innovation is Grime Go which can be used for household cleaning, and by DIYers and builders to remove almost any unwanted coating from almost any surface!

Grime Go Cleaner and Degreaser

Grime Go Mould, Grease and Dirt Remover from Eco Solutions Homestrip Range

You can use Grime Go for preparing surfaces for painting. The area you want to paint or varnish must be clean, but should also be grease-free in order for the paint to adhere properly. See our project preparing woodwork for painting.

Grime Go is a Heavy Duty Cleaner

It removes grease and wax

It is a stain remover which will also remove paint splashes

Grime Go removes mould, grime, dirt, adhesive residue and much more

It works on internal and external surfaces

Plus it works on almost any surface, it won’t damage the surface you are cleaning (take care on painted and varnished surfaces*)

No more flaking paint or bubbling and blistering paint caused by badly prepared surfaces

Using Grime Go gives you a similar effect to using white spirit but is kinder to your hands and to the environment

It is a water-based product so no nasty fumes or harsh solvents

Using Grime Go

Spray onto the surface you want to clean

Leave on for 1-2 minutes for grease, wax, mould or dirt

Leave on for 2-3 minutes for oil or heavy dirt and grime

Leave on for up to 5 minutes for stains or paint splashes

Use a nylon scourer to remove heavy residue, or simply wipe off to remove grease and grime.

*Just a note of caution – if you are using the product on a painted surface don’t leave it on too long or it may start to remove the paint! (The clue is that it removes paint splashes so obviously …)

Like any cleaning product prolonged contact with the skin is not recommended and if you are removing anything potentially toxic using Grime Go you should wear the appropriate safety equipment (gloves, safety glasses and mask).

All the additional information and advice about Grime Go is available on the Eco Solutions website, and Grime Go is available in our DIY Superstore.

See the Video Guide on how to use Grime Go to remove grease for DIY and decorating below.

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Using Grime Go to Prepare Surfaces for Painting

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