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If you have been drooling over our blog on building brick barbecues which featured some great outdoor cooking ideas you might also want to give some thought to outdoor seating areas.

Whether you intend to have permanent seating or simply bring out garden furniture in the good weather then you may still want to build some screening for shelter from wind, sun or from the neighbours’ eyes.

So if you are planning a permanent structure you will need to have the skills to lay strip foundations and bricks or blocks for your wall we can help you with technical help in our projects section.

We have just updated our DIY Project on building an Exterior Block Screen with lots of new images and helpful instructions.

Decorative Screen for the Garden

Building a Decorative Screen in the Garden

Moden Blocks

The style of blocks above are a traditional screen pattern for the garden, and you will have seen them in many gardens of houses built int he 60’s.

There are now many different designs you can use in the garden, such as these blocks we found on which give much cleaner lines to the wall, and could be painted to personalise the effect to suit your own garden.

Modern Contrete Garden Screen Blocks

Modern Garden Screen Blocks

Moorish Style

This design also found on gives a North African feel to a garden screen wall. It would look great with some hot pink and orange planting.

Screen Wall for the Garden

Block Screen Walling

Oriental Style

This oriental inspired seating area is a place a calm for a city garden and the principles of building the low wall are the same as the screen above. The instructions for laying a strip foundation for the footings for the wall and screen can be found in our Strip Foundations Project.

Outdoor Seating Area and Screen

Asian Inspired Seating area – image from

Urban Style

This contemporary screen on top of a low wall gives visual shelter and urban style to a garden, planters allow climbing plants to climb the trellis and provide more privacy and an opportunity to plant some fragrant climbers to perfume a private area to enjoy morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.

Traditional Urban Style Garden Screen

Traditional Urban Style Screen – found on Pinterest

Funky Modern Designs

If you are planning to fix posts into the ground to secure screening materials o r trellis we can also give you advice on that too.

We like the modern effect these modular panels provide and there are lots of different styles available from You can see how to fix the fence posts in our projects on mixing concrete and concreting fence posts.

Modular Garden Screens

Modular Garden Screens from

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