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If you were thinking of making a few home improvements to your kitchen or office, why not take a closer look at instant hot water taps? They deliver near-boiling hot water so you can make drinks instantly, as well as various other uses.

These boiling water taps are fast becoming the ‘must have’ in modern households/workplaces and as well as looking rather slick, they also add some serious functionality to family and our working life in general. Thanks to manufacturers and suppliers such as Water Coolers Direct, these devices are more affordable than ever before and here we will look at a couple of great reasons why you should perhaps consider doing away with your old kettle and giving your kitchen a proper 21st century makeover!

Chrome Hot and Cold Water Tap

Instant near-boiling water straight from the tap

Boiling Water Taps In Our Homes

The modern kitchen is nothing if not a hive of activity and those weekday mornings are usually full of family members trying to get themselves fed and watered before the daily grind commences.

Waiting for that ropey old kettle to boil is one of the stumbling blocks that we seem to never quite get around. So why not have an instant boiling water tap installed and see how much easier it is to navigate through this all-too-common dilemma?

There will be no more issues with waiting for up to 5 minutes, wasting energy and re-boiling the kettle and your kitchen will look far more attractive as a result.

Just think about the way that kitchen appliance technology has evolved in the last few decades, isn’t it time for the humble kettle to take a much awaited retirement?

Boiling Taps In the Workplace

Monday mornings, in particular, in the workplace usually see a group of dishevelled employees huddling around the kitchen break-out areas.

Usually they are waiting for their turn to use the coffee machine that never seems to taste that nice. As well as pumping out some lukewarm sludge, isn’t it funny how when they break down, the repair company take their sweet time fixing the poor old thing?

Enter the instant hot water tap, this slick device will always perform when required and you can bring your own favoured tea or coffee consumables into play, and even some soup or instant noodles for lunch time.

These systems also offer a far healthier platform to maintain and just think of the space saving involved!

Brushed Steel Boiling Water Tap

An Instant Boiling Water Tap Looks Stylish

Where to Buy a Boiling Water Tap

Water Coolers Direct Can Help!

If you are almost convinced and would like to see exactly what instant hot water taps and devices are available to the UK householder and workplace, why not pop over to Water Coolers Direct when you have a few minutes and see how many excellent products are now on the market?

They stock trusted brands such as Heatrae Sadia, Insinkerator and Zip. They’ll be able to find one that suits your budget and everyday needs, and pretty soon you could be looking at an excellent addition to your kitchen with some very useful fringe benefits besides!

Read more about installing a boiling water tap in our Projects section.

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