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We thought we might end the week with a spot of light relief with our top 20 ‘builders songs’. Our self-imposed rules are that the title or the artist must have a link to building, DIY or household jobs, or to tools and trades.

Regular readers will know that we like a good pun, so some of these might sneak in and some spurious links may arise!

There is absolutely no attention given to the quality of the songs or the singers (you will see what we mean later down the list).

We are happy for you to make suggestions for new song choices in our chart, leave a comment here or share your own DIY-inspired songs on social media using the hashtag #DIYDoctorSongs.

This Week’s DIY Top 20

  1. D.I.Y – Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott
  2. FOUNDATIONS – Kate Nash
  3. Our HOUSE – Madness
  4. Another BRICK in the Wall – Pink Floyd
  5. We BUILT this City on Rock & Roll – Starship
  6. I Usta Lover – SAW Doctors
  7. BRICK by Boring BRICK- Paramore
  8. SLEDGEHAMMER – Peter Gabriel
  9. BUILD me up Buttercup – FOUNDATIONS
  10. BRICK by BRICK – Newton on Faulkner
  11. STAIRWAY to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
  12. This Ole HOUSE – Shaken Stevens
  13. The DOORS – People are Strange
  14. 3 STEPS to Heaven – Showaddywaddy
  15. Rainy Days and Mondays – CARPENTERS
  16. SPIRIT (level?) in the Sky – Doctor and the Medics (ouch bit of a stretch but it is by the DOCTOR!)
  17. The Stepladder Song – Tim Vine
  18. When I’m cleaning WINDOWS – George Formby
  19. If I Had a HAMMER – Peter, Paul and Mary
  20. CHAIN Reaction – STEPS

It didn’t make the charts – but we had to give a mention to the Theme Tune by Bob the BUILDER (sorry but it had to be in there!)

Here is the roundup of DIY songs that we chose our Top 20 from – Do you know any more?

New suggestions that meet the criteria will shoot up the charts – we promise!

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