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Gas Boiler

What sort of Boiler will you choose if you are thinking of Replacing your Central Heating System?

Replacing a Boiler

Need a new Gas Boiler? If you are going to replace your central heating system or just thinking of replacing your boiler, there are a few simple rules you should follow. We guide you through the process.

There is more information in our Choosing a Boiler Project.

Boiler Safety

If you are having an oil boiler replaced or installed look for and engineer who is OFTEC registered (Oil Firing Technical Association – find out more on the OFTEC website).

Any work carried out on gas appliances or a gas system, including LPG (Low pressure gas) otherwise known as bottled gas, must be done by a GasSafe Register engineer.

Make sure you check with the Gas Safe Register that your engineer is up-to-date with membership. Ask for his or her registration number, and then go to the Check an Engineer page on the Gas Safe Register site.

Choices of Boiler

Mains Gas or LPG if you do not have a mains gas supply. However not all gas boilers can use bottled gas, so you will need to check with the manufacturer or your heating engineer before you finalise your decision.

Oil fired boiler if you don’t have mains gas. Modern oil fired boilers are just as efficient as gas boilers.

Other heating fuels include woodpellet, wordburning or solid fuel fired heating such as coal.

Calculate what Size Boiler You Need

Check out the boiler size calculator on the Institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers website. This will help you make sure you get adequate heating.

Don’t think it is better to buy a boiler that is overpowered because this will just waste money. The boiler will just expel any excess heat to the outside.

Avoid Cowboys

It is absolutely vital that you get reliable and competent tradesman to carry out this work for you. Bad workmanship when dealing with replacing a boiler will not just be irritating, it could be fatal. We recommend you go to our Find a Tradesman section to find a qualified, registered and vetted tradesman to quote for replacing your boiler.

Siting Your Boiler

Usually it’s cheaper to just put the new boiler in the same location as the old one . However, regulations and guidelines change over the years so check with your heating engineer.

Buying Your New Boiler

We recommend that you buy a recognised brand of boiler, but it can still shop around. Use the Internet to find the latest deals, and discuss the cost with your chosen installer they might have access to a discount or special offer.

Some of the bigger companies have financing options, if you need to spread the cost of the work to be able to afford it.

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